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  • Where’d we end up at regard WP2.0’s ability to send and receive trackbacks and pingbacks? I know there were some truly monstrous threads here a few weeks, but I couldn’t keep up and am curious what the final result was?

    I seem to be able to send trackbacks to other blogs. Eventually. Some take a day or two.

    As near as I can tell, I haven’t received one since the upgrade. Even from myself.

    Not reporting a bug or whining, just curious as to what the consensus is: In other words, am I in the same boat as most, or is WP2 fine and I’m the one with an issue?

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  • skeltoac did some work as seen here:
    functions.php and execute-pings.php were given a minor update.

    The updates should be in the next update. I imagine it should be coming out soon.

    I’m glad to hear that this is about to be fixed. I can’t send trackbacks either. Haven’t been able to test the receiving part though, but sending definitely doesn’t work. :-/

    I remember that another release of wordpress caused trouble with trackbacks as well. Is it very tricky to make it work?

    I always get trackback and pingback mixed up so remember that as you read.

    For the record, in 1.5.x a trackback will automatically work if you just link a post permalink in your blog entry. To get a trackback to a 2.0 blog to work you MUST use the trackback url for some reason (why??? it used to work fine! why was this changed???) That’s the permalink with /trackback/ appended on the end. Now, I’m sure there are still problems with some server configs, but this worked when I trackedback to a 2.0 ryan update blog from a 1.5.x blog.

    I found this out quite by accident. I hope it helps some of you. And I hope whoever opened that ticket reads this and adds it to the ticket, since the old way was MUCH better. Most people who have used 1.5.x aren’t always going to remember that the /trackback/ is now necessary.

    Most people who have used 1.5.x aren’t always going to remember that the /trackback/ is now necessary.

    It is not necessary. 2.0 sends pingbacks the same as 1.5 🙂

    Check your settings under Options -> discussions

    Maybe on your server this is the case, but not on my client’s server. I’ve tried it both ways. Only if I trackback from my 1.5.x blogpost to his 2.0 blogpost with the trackback url does it “register” and show as a comment. Whereas I can link any ol’ way from 1.5.x to 1.5.x and it’ll register a trackback.

    Settings in Options > Discussions:
    Allow link notifications checked.

    This setting has not changed since the blog was first set up.

    Since the trackback/pingback problems seem to be especially “sensitive” to server config, maybe this is just another anomaly . . .

    What’s funny is I just moved (this weekend) from a WIMP (windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP) server to a LAMP server.

    Gee, suddenly my blog seems to work like it is supposed to! I have real permalinks (no more index.php wedged in) and my pingbacks suddenly started working.

    Heck, I should’ve made this move months ago. 😉
    Details: I copied all my php files straight over from one machine to another. used phpMyAdmin to export from old db and import to other. Then I hit permalinks in the wp admin side to get my .htaccess file created. Voila.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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