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  • Hi all, this ping stuff is starwars to me. Ihave had a couple of pings that turn up as comments – which I dont want …
    I have had 2 pingbacks apparently by myself? The autor is “Blog Archive”
    but the ip is a 212.214—etc I dont understand.
    My reading codex says it they notify of a link to a new/changed post.
    Is this a bot, myself or what – in my experiments I may well have a link that reopens a “post” – confused at what pings are and what theese are –
    I dont wanthe “comments” – Ive temporarily turned off the “attemp to notify” selection in Discussion – does that get rid of it and will it affect the sites linking ??? urrr ;/

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  • Pingbacks, when activated, allow WP to search your post for all outside links. It will then attempt to “send a ping” to the URL’s including your own if you have linked to one of your posts.

    They will show up as comments the same as trackbacks. The only way to stop them is to deactivate them as you have done. Note: that will only stop them from going out, any pings received will be displayed.

    Personnely I think pingbacks are a pain in the rear. They only slow the publ;ish function because they “ping” URLS such as links to newspaper articles or other URLS’s that won’t accept pings.

    Trackbacks on the other hand allow you choose when to use them.

    Thanks Marc, does that mean i have to keep deleting comments that are just pings ? – looks like more reading.

    Ive found that to stop pinging myself you need to change the link from a full (absolute) path to just a /wordpress/this-post/ in the a href , is that right?
    Trying it now – re a post by Kasesqui spoke about it ??

    Great situation. If you turn on “Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article” (which should really be labelled “pingbacks” if thats what it is) wordpress will idiotically do a self-pingback. The “solution” is using relative paths which break in the feed.

    Is there a way to find out if this sort of “feature” is being fixed in a new version? Or maybe initiate the process? It seems like it would be a simple matter to check to see if the domain is the same as the blog’s and then not bother doing the pingback.

    I think I’ll just avoid using it, but wow was I ever surprised when the first comment on my blog came from myself 🙂

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