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  1. CoolHandLuke
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I started using wordpress about 2 weeks ago and think I am beginning to get some "good" content published. However, while working on the site tonight doing some SEO optimizing via "deep linking" (linking internally on my site)I started noticing I was getting comments. These comments seem weird to me, almost as if they are coming from my site. There were three comments and I deleted one but then got thinking what if this is someone "pingacking"? Or did my site pingback itself with the "deep linking" I was doing? If you look at my site here: http://www.mygrandcaravan.com/ you can see the comments on "My Purchase Experience", and "Why a Dodge". The one I deleted was on "Purchase Tips".

    Anyways are these just comments, pingbacks, did my site create them, or should I delete them?

    Any feedback or help on this issue is appreciated.



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