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Ping: whooami

  • whooami, I clicked on your profile and you don’t have any way of contacting you. I’d like to talk more about the subject of spam in WP, particularly the thread http://wordpress.org/support/topic/33646, where you mention some interesting ideas on this subject. I’m a security freak that’s new to the WP community and would like some more information along these lines. On my profile is a link to my page where, at the bottom, you can find a javascript email link. Send me a line some time.


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  • We all get spam and we all know how to stop it by now. Their are alot of plugins to use like Spam-Karma 2, WP-Morph (I think It’s called), etc…

    I use Morph. It’s a javascript code that determines If your a spambot or not. Any way, I know this doesnt have to do with the person you want to contact and stuff, but that’s just a tip dude. 🙂

    XeroCool, thanks for replying for me?


    will do 🙂

    I didnt mean to reply for you…I was just helping him with the subject Spam since he looks like hes a user that needs help with spam and some plugins :).

    why do you assume that he needs a plugin? he referenced a post where there is no plugin solution (as of my writing), and I certainly didnt offer one up.

    Whatever the case may be, im replying by email at this moment. Its so refreshing to see that are people that use WP that arent dependant on plugins to solve a problem — God forbid that plugin didnt exist.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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