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  • Hello,

    I’m using the Ping theme and I really like, fits my needs perfectly. It displays well in Firefox and Opera but it seems it isnt displaying correctly in Chrome. The sidebar is off the the sidebar headers arent as they should. and the social buttons(twitter,facebook,rss) are underneath the search bar instead of next to it.

    Is there anyway you can help with this issue? I love this theme and don’t want to give it up, but sadly many visitors use chrome and its an extremely popular browser so its imperitive it plays nicely with Ping.

    Thanks for any help you can give,

    if you need an example of the issue, feel free to visit

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  • Browser problems are often due to coding errors, so you might start by dealing with quite a few of those — though many will be easy to fix:

    Thanks yogi! Seems to be quite a few errors, do you know how to find the sources of the code so I can begin trying to fix em’? Or, what kind of price would a cheapskate like myself be looking at to hire someone to fix these errors?

    A whole lot of those errors are due to a pretty sloppy coding error (not you — I’m assuming it was in the theme) in this line of code — which looks like it is in the header.php file:

    	This theme uses the 'site-color' picked in the theme-options page to set many different color values throughout the theme. These are all displayed below. If you would like another element to also use this color, add it to the corresponding lists below (background-color, color etc) or create your own! Remember to echo the color variable by using 'echo $ping_settings['site_color'];' within PHP brackets

    the problem is all the hyphens in the last line — HTML comments can’t be closed that way. So you would need to simply remove all the hyphens except the very last two – so it would look like this:


    Some of the other errors are not really a big problem. But the ones you need to track down are the extra or open or missing or stray tags — those can cause problmes like you are having. Errors can be in the content (often) or sometimes in the php files. You have to look at the validator results at where the error is and then find that code in the site.

    If you want to hire someone, it’s probably not that a big job, but I can’t guess at cost (partly because that’s against the forum rules) and it is also impossible to know what kind of problems might be involved — you can post a listing on this page:

    But really, this is the kind of thing you probably want to learn how to do if you are going to have a site — it’s not that hard once you start learning it…

    Thanks very much, especially for starting me off on the right track.

    can this all be done through the editor in wordpress? or do I have to go into the back end thru FTP?

    You can likely do it in the editor, but do make a back-up before editing anything always.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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