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  • I’m about my first post and I want to make sure I give myself the best chance to index/spidered/linked. I know wordpress automatically pings ping-o-matic (i wish I thought of that when I made all those test posts =) ) but is pingomatic a comprehensive solution. Is there anything else I should be pinging?

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  • you can do manually also before that clear the update service from admin panel

    anything more definitive regarding this matter?

    Presumably you visited ping-o-matic’s site and looked over what it pings already.

    If you want to ping other more “specialized” or topic specific sites, then add ’em to you update services list. If not, it’s probably good enough.

    Personally, I’ve found Ping-o-matic to be very unreliable, particularly when pinged automatically (and only slightly better when the page is submitted via the web interface). Therefore I’ve removed it, and added a list of all the sites it pings individually. Now there’s a 30-second delay when I click “Publish”, but I can live with that – it’s worth it to ensure my post gets into all the indexes.

    that is the reason many people ping directly from there own wp with out using third party like Ping-o-matic or weblog you can add the list of the blog search in your update service

    Hmm interesting. I published my first post late last nite, and the only indication of any sort of indexing is a hit from in my stat log.

    even i get confused with manually ping some time i can give some link check this page

    hope you get good list with out double ping

    Thanks xinfo :). Since pingomatic is on that list, do I run a risk of doublepinging some sites? Anyone else?




    yes you do. its wise to pick one place to ping, and let it ping everyone else.

    @shiznaught in the list there have clearly separated the ping update service which we can manually pint the service when you don’t relay on third party service , in the list you can find 3 separate list ,
    Well i am using 2-nd list which don’t have double ping

    few like to use pingomatic , if pingomatic server is down you wont get pinged , same thing with all the third party pinging program

    I would like to know if there is a limit to pinging ping-o-matic? I have 2 blogs and I want to ping both of them in the same day. What will this do? Will I be ignored? Sent away as spam? or will it let both through? Is there an hourly limit or a daily limit?




    there will be no problem to ping with in min/hour/day same blog unless you update your blog(publish new post)
    if you dont publish any new post n keep on pinging same post it wil hurt your domain lead to push your domain as spam .

    as your newbie you can use the default built in ping dont get down to research till your learn about ping best way to ping just write the post and publish wp aplication will take care of pinging your post you dont have to more than that

    Why would you assume I am a newbie and NO, I do not want auto submission because I have to go into several entries in EACH blog and make corrections. I actually manage 10 blogs. I need my question answered not told I’m a newbie and treated like I have one blog. I need to know how many times I can ping in one day without being considered spam. I have 10 blogs I manage, I can’t use auto submission.

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    I need to know how many times I can ping in one day without being considered spam.

    There is no set limit. Or rather, they’re not going to tell you what the set limit is. That would only encourage spammers by giving them useful information.

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