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  • I’m using Pinboard theme version 1.0.7 for a website I’m creating. There’s a new version available and I’m afraid to update because I don’t want to lose my custom design I put many hours into… (I added and changed things in the CSS).
    What will happen if I update? Is there a way to update and keep my design? I didn’t use a child theme.

    Thank you

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  • Did you use the Custom CSS built into the theme? What files did you change?

    It is possible to move your changes to a child theme – so that you can update the theme without losing the changes.

    Meaning I should create a child theme and copy paste the CSS into the child theme, then update to the new version?

    Will the colors, fonts etc keep or will the update reset them?

    Thank you

    I didn’t understand your first question. I modified some things inside the CSS to customize the website. I don’t think I can recreate what changes I made.. there were more then a few

    If you set up the child theme correctly and move your changes there (not a copy of the entire stylesheet – only changes should go in a child theme CSS file), then they should override the parent theme styles, yes. But it’s always possible something may not work perfectly – depending on the changes you made and/or the theme update changes.

    You might want to make a copy of your site and work on this on the copy before you do it on a live site.

    Also, be VERY, VERY sure that you have a full backup of your site before starting on this and again before updating.

    You can use a program like diffchecker to find your changes…

    Thank you.
    How do I make a copy of the site?
    What do I compare my site’s CSS to in order to find the changes?

    You can download a new copy of the theme to your local computer and then use the CSS file from the new copy to compare to the one on your site.

    To make a copy of your site, you could use:

    You’d need to set up another place to make the copy – possibly on your local computer –

    In the theme options, under layout there is an option to add custom CSS. What I added and changed, I did there. I didn’t go into the editor.
    Does that make a difference?

    Yes, that makes a HUGE difference – you’re fine then :)! That’s what I mean in my first question – sorry, I should gone back to that. Still, always a good idea to backup your site before updating.

    Cool! So all I need to do is to make sure I backed up my files, copy the custom CSS, update to the new version and add the custom CSS?
    Do I still need to create a child theme?

    No child and no copying Custom CSS either – that won’t get overwritten – that’s actually the purpose of Custom CSS – allowing you to make changes without theme updates overwritting them.

    Yes to the backup though!

    Awesome! Thanks alot!

    Mhmmm… I’m a little worried… I clicked on the update version button, and a message popped up saying that I will lose any customization I have made.
    What does that mean?

    That means any changes to theme files – which you’ve said you did not mess with (those would be in the Editor). But you did backup, right? And for good measure, make a copy of that custom CSS code…just copy it to a text editor page.

    O.k.. Crossing my fingers 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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