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Pinboard Theme Troubles ??

  • Hello,I am new at creating and have little experience with css or html.I need a lot of help with creating my Business Blog (blog.americasmallsandshops.com/wp-admin)I chose the Pinboard theme.I can’t get images to show up on blog pages,post.I would like to have it similar to the pinboard theme.I can’t get content/images to show on most post.Can someone take a look and review it and give me some recommendations to correct all these problems I have ?

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  • paul.a.cunn


    They use featured images of the posts. This is an option on the right side as you are actually editing the post.

    Thank you it worked !! But what about that enlarged image of that coffee cup.I want to create a image of that size too but everything I’ve tried has failed.It is located in the header section of the blog.I’ve worked on it and edited it but I need some help with enlarging the image to fill the header site.




    The picture of a coffee cup is a slider image. This is not the header image of the page. There are lots of tutorials on how to set this up. Here is a link to one that I used.

    TUTORIALMake the slider work

    I’m having the same issue; also was mislead to think the theme had this support built in.

    Still I’d like to give it a shot but the link you provided is currently dead.
    Any other tutorials you can point us at?

    Also, I’m guessing there are a lot of people who think this support is built in; any chance of fixing the template to actually include this feature (e.g., select image and bam… it’s in there) in a future release?


    Most sliders will come with documentation to implement correctly.

    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ – free slider plugins available here.

    Personally I would recommend Layer Slider or Royal Slider, however both of these are premium plugins and require a payment.

    Hope this helps,


    Thank you.I got a slider plugin and now I have a pretty decent looking Pinboard site.Go to (www.americasmallsandshops.com).Click on blog.This is the Pinboard theme.Remember,a month ago I had NO experience or knowledge at all with this.Now I just need to fine tune it.Thanks everyone.

    It is looking good. However you may wish to reduce the image size (your page load time was 72.6 seconds) the image size of that first image is 5.3MB. If you scale down the image, you will reduce it’s size (in MB) but you won’t lose the quality. If you have image editing tools on your computer, that’ll do, but you can also find somewhere online to scale it.



    Eleganza-michael, sweet… glad you got it working. For me (on FiOS / fiber) it took about 5 seconds; not too bad.

    worthingtech, thank you for the suggestion. I’m currently trying “TheThe Fly” (crazy name) slider. If this doesn’t work I’ll look into those alternatives.

    Also trying to figure out how to turn off comments at the bottom. Seems like even if I turn them off, the theme still has them on. Hopefully I’m just missing ticking a checkmark.

    A lot of hassle for a theme I was hoping would work out of the box. Oh well.

    It may be because I’m on the other side of the pond (I have fibre optic). Are you talking about comments on the bottom of posts?


    It’s the “Leave a reply” section:

    I thought with all comments turned off, it wouldn’t be generating any of this form HTML code.

    Are you using Posts or Pages?

    Using a static page.

    Worthingtech…I got the Pinboard image size specifications for the header. The recommended size is 196 pixels wide and 48 pixels high. Let me find something in “wordpress documentation” to tell me how to reduce the size. Thanks

    This should just be cake but man… the slider I got is using a resizing script called TimThumb and so it’s generating really crappy lowres looking versions of the thumb image I’m trying to add. The source image I’m adding is about 800×200.

    I wonder if this is the difference between a paid theme and a free theme; do pay themes have all this wrapped up and bundled to go? – I’m almost at the point of dumping this theme and just shelling out $70 for something that just works out of the box.



    I am not sure why you all are not using the built in slider that Pinboard offers. But if you are really trying to use a plugin slider try meteor slides. The built in slider works well but is lacking some customization tools. I posted a link earlier in this thread to a tutorial on how to set up the built in slider that Pinboard offers.

    Hope this helps.

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