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  • I’m having trouble with positioning the images inside the pages:
    1. Is there a way to move images inside pages other then the 4 options given (left,right, center, none? When I position an image to the right it’s too close to the border and I want to center it a bit
    2. Is there a way to place two images side by side?
    3. I’m using soliloquy plugin to display slideshows. How do I position it to the right of the wording. The only way it allows me to position it is on a line of its own.

    Thank you

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    1. Your link displays a maintenance page, so it’s impossible to see what you are referring to.
    2. You should post your question in the Pinboard Support forum; you’ll have a better chance of either the Pinboard developers or someone who uses Pinboard seeing your message and helping you.
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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