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    I’m new to the Pinboard theme and like what I saw of it, but I’m having a problem getting the full posts to show on the site. Despite the “display full posts” button being checked in the Settings/Readings, it’s only showing a four-line summary of the post. Any idea how to fix this so it shows the full post above the grid and summaries below the grid?


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  • Kurt



    I just set up a site for someone using this theme so your question piqued my interest.

    The Settings/Readings Full text setting if for the RSS feed.

    Go to: Appearance => Theme Options

    In the Home Page section, the first option is to set the number of full posts to display.

    Hi, thanks for posting. That was set for 2 as the number of full posts to display. You’d think with it set this way it would display the first two posts, but it’s not.




    The only thing that might mess it up is if all of your posts are in your portfolio category. The third setting is to exclude the portfolio category from your home page.

    That’s a good thought, but the portfolio category was set to “–“. Just to try and cover my bases, I created a new category and applied it to the one post I have on the site, but it didn’t change anything.



    Add a two more posts so the number of posts exceed the number of full posts to display. There may be something in the code that’s messing it up.

    Having the same issue – it is showing the extract of each post instead of the full post.

    I have set it to show blog mode – i.e. I want the full text of each post to show on plain blog URL – but it only shows a few lines.



    I see the problem now. The wording “Full posts to display” is quite misleading. It means full-width, not the complete content. If you’re into code, you can see that the excerpt is requested in content.php.

    Sorry, I thought the full post content was being displayed on the site I set up. It’s displaying the excerpt as well.

    The thing is I probably wouldn’t mind a summary of each post if it also displayed the picture I put at the beginning of the post. All of the other Pinboard websites I see have the posts with pictures, but I just can’t figure out how to get mine to do that as well.



    If you set the featured image, it will appear in the full-width post.

    Z O M G, thank you Kurt! That is exactly what I was looking for! You’re a GIGANTIC help! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



    You’re welcome. Glad I could help!

    I am having this same problem with only the first few lines of a blog post showing on the main blog page in Pinboard (part of a web site) I want ast least one full post to appear here. Summaries of others would be fine. Did you solve this problem?

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    If you want to discuss your own issue, you can create your own thread.

    Oops – here’s the page

    Yikes, I can’t figure out how you got your links linked either…

    And I DID go to college grrrrr

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