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    I set my HOME page to use the “landing page” template and it looks ok with the exception of two things.
    #1. When I click the HOME on the nav it shows a blank “full width” template. I want it to show the landing page everytime.
    Q: how do I get it to show the “landing page” as the HOME page when someone selects HOME from the main Navigation?

    #2. At the bottom of my landing page is the content I entered into the “edit page” in “pages” in the dashboard for the “home” page.
    Q: How do I get rid of that? I only want the “widget boxes” of “text” to show and then the footer. When I inspect the element it shows the code #content.column.onecol

    Is it possible to use the landing page as a home page? If not how do I put the “widget boxes” in the home page?

    I don’t know PHP and the site is not live yet to insert a link to it. 🙁

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  • how do I get the bottom portion of my home site, which uses the landing page template to not display that empty box just before the footer.



    1. Get the URL from your “Home” or “Landing page” page then under “Appearance” go to “Menus” then in the “Home” option of your menu paste the url for your “Home” site in this area. You can link the Nav option to whatever you want this way.

    2. I am not sure what you mean. Your link doesn’t show what you are describing.

    I made box-shadow:none;
    Thanks for answering #1 question!! Very helpful

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