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  • Can I relocate my Pinboard Pages (i.e. contact us;privacy policy;terms & conditions;about us) at the bottom of the Pinboard Theme Footer ? I positioned my categories in the navagation panel.I did this from the menu tab.Can I do this? If so how do I ?


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  • In footer widget, add custom html text option
    and paste the code below

    <a href="">Home</a>~ <a href="">About Us </a>~<a href="">Terms</a>~<a href="">Contact </a>

    Of course change the link as you desire

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you wpitsecure for your advice.But I’ve already got those items located in the footer. I am new at this entire process of creating a word press blog,but I’m learning,I have no knowledge of html text or how to apply it.I just used word press tutorials on YouTube and Word Press documentation.Look at the website ( hit blog.Give me some recommendations.What do I need to improve on here??

    I am not an expert of wordpress but looking at, you can make some improvement:

    -1 You have two search bar : 1 is enough
    -2. In header, you are putting lot of space for nothing.
    -3 Some menu says : Content not found : is this normal
    -4. For sharing the post : You have like 4 gadget who do the same thing. Once again, one is enough

    Hello wpitsecure: In no.2 “the header” Are you saying that I need to make my Header image larger to get rid of the empty space? I looked over the recommended size for the header image in pixels.I’ll go and look at it again. I will get rid of the 4 gadget too.I’m confused about the two “Search Bars” (Navagation and Right Side Bars??).Are you talking about the “Category Tab” in the right side bar? because I have categories in the header navegation bar and I can remove one of them.Thanks for your help.because I’m still new to all of this with no knowledge of css ,php or html.I’m glad I got as fas as I have just on reading support Forums /Documentation.

    No… you have to get rid of the white space so it will take less space in your blog.

    – it seems now you have one search bar at top so it is ok.

    by the way, you right sidebar is on the bottom right now.

    As I said before I am not an expert too …you have to start from somewhere so good luck and know that practice make man perfect.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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