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  • I am new to WordPress and doing a site for health food store. I want the layout to look like the Pinboard layout to look like the Pinboard layout as it looks on the WordPress site (big wide photo at top with 3 smaller photos below. Do I need to do a child theme for it to look like this? Thanks.

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  • You shouldn’t need a child theme. The big wide photo at the top comes from a sticky post. The three smaller photos come from posts with featured photos.

    I need help getting my pinboard site to look like it does on the screenshot on WordPress. I want the photo to go all the way across the top of the site. How do you do a sticky post to make photo go all the way across site? Also can’t see how to add descriptions to menu items, so there is smaller type below page names in black bar going across site. Should be easy… but not working. Help.

    Posting a link to your site would increase the ability of people to help you.

    I had a placeholder page in place until the site is ready.. but here is the site address (I will take off placeholder page for now).

    We have the same question, does anyone know how to get the desired layout?

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    @waqtatai You can ask that in your own thread.

    It is the same question, but ok

    I also have the same question. Wouldn’t it make sense to consolidate all similar questions into a single thread? Is there any documentation that explains how to achieve the look that resembles the screenshot that comes with the theme? In short:

    1. an explanation of how to designate which pictures end up on the slider, and how to activate the slider.

    2. how to get three posts (and only three) to be featured under the slider AND, if possible, how to designate which posts end up being featured there.

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    @rogeratsf You can ask that in your own thread.

    Wow seems like pinboard has been restricted in its use, probably because we could get a good blog out of it if it worked properly.

    restricted in its use

    What do you mean by that?



    Hi lwtemple,

    A lot of questions in one thread. Please try to ask one question per thread, so there is no mess up or missunderstanding with the answers.

    There are three general images on the blog home page:

    1) Slider
    Here is how the slider works:

    2) Featured posts (larger images)
    In the theme/options you decide how many posts you want as featured posts on your blog home page

    3) Posts (smaller image)
    This is what a featured post becomes automatically when it is no longer a featured post.

    Add some content and see how it works.

    Thanks alexander! 🙂 Im looking for the word ‘featured posts’ that you mention. I can only find ‘Full posts to display before grid’ Is that what you are referring to? To put the 3 images under the slider does it go in the grid or shortcode? thanks so much in advance 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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