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  • okay, Im in here.

    Did you make separate posts for each bags?

    im having problems :/

    The slider images are showing up in the posts now and I can’t seem to make the new posts thumbnail images like I wanted.

    If you go to my page:
    and click on “HOME” this is how I want it to look. The 4 thumbnails with titles.

    If you click on the logo at the top, this is what I’m getting now as I change the page from static to posts and start to make the posts that I want to be thumbnails. I’m naming the new posts “test1,2, and so on. The others that are appearing with the girl’s names as titles are from the slider.

    Okay, you need to set your columns under

    APPEARANCE > THEME OPTIONS > LAYOUT TAB > and you can pick your layout, I would probably go with the 6th option (or 5th option), and then content columns = 4. I assume you dont want a sidebar.

    Hit save. Ensure you have 4 posts made.

    I had been messing with the layout features and I don’t understand why, but the 5th and 6th options and the columns set to 4 is not working. Both options take the sidebars off or something and I get this narrow page and the posts are all stacked vertically.

    I have messed with the other boxes there the : Boxes Sidebar Columns and the Footer Sidebar columns, but neither so anything I think b/c I don’t have sidebars? (BTW, You are correct, I don’t want sidebars).

    I made the 4 new posts named “test”

    right now i have it set to:
    Template 6, full width— and the other boxes for the sidebar columns are set at 2 (there is no lower number)

    Ok perfect.

    Now under the first tab (GENERAL). go to the bottom and find Home Page, Full Posts to display, set it to 0.

    ok done…looking better 🙂

    How do I get rid of the slider images? and make the “test” images thumbnails?

    thank you soo much btw 🙂

    you can remove the slider, its right under the 0 full posts.

    Sticky Posts Slider = uncheck.

    but i need the slider there, just not the images from the slider that are posting under my “test” images….

    you can choose which images go into the slider.

    Under your POSTS > QUICK EDIT > so make all the posts you want to show up, STICKY.

    ok… then how would I keep the next posts that I add from displaying on the homepage with these 4? I only ever want these 4 on the homepage.

    Also, my homepage is all narrow now. I need it to be full-width like my other pages. If you click on “HOME”, it needs to look exactly like that:
    Same width of the page
    Same size of the posts
    Thumbnails of each image in the posts, not full images like they are now.

    Any ideas? :/ sorry to be such a pain lol!

    hmm, how do you want to layout your site?

    How many products will you have, how many categories, etc?

    I want it to look exactly like the Home page looks now. If you click on the “HOME” page at the top— It has the slider at the top and then the 4 thumbnails of the bags beneath the slider. I need each bag thumbnail to link to its own page that contains the full details etc about the particular bag it is linking from.

    Hmm, if you use the WIDE Option (6th), it should display like that. Right now it looks like you’re using the (5th) option.

    switch between the two and see if there is any change.

    another thing to check.

    Make sure your images in your FEATURED IMAGES are full sized, at least 900+ px wide.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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