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pin it button not appearing on home page images

  • Hi,

    I am using wordpress 3.5.1 version and i have installed “jQuery Pin It Button For Images” plugin. I have selected the tick box for pages (home,category,single) where I want the pin it button for images, but “pinit” button doesn’t appear on home page images, size of images is (154×87). pin it button appears only on the article pages. I want pinit for both home and category pages.

    Please suggest.


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  • I am having the same problem

    I want the pin it button to appear on my main blog page but it only appears on individual posts.

    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec


    Hi, could you (jyotsnalothe or Murray644) please give me the url address of the website where this issue occurs? This would be very helpful.

    hallo! the pin it button doesn’t show up on my blog too.


    Ooops, sorry. Here is where it is happening:


    You have to actually click on the post link and once the individual post opens the pin it button will work but on my main blog page it wont.


    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec


    @annantz: Hi again! The Pin it button doesn’t show up on your blog because there are some JavaScript errors on your website that prevent my code from running (the code that’s after the error isn’t executed).

    I suggest clearing cache and checking other plugins, because there are more errors than one when loading your website. You can check them easily on Firefox with Firebug plugin. Hope this helps.

    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec


    @murray644: Similar problem as in annantz’s case above (please read my answer above), although there is only one error in Firebug on your website.

    hallo mrsztuczkens!

    i have tried to check using Firebug plugin. are all the wording in red are errors? sorry i am really not a geek..

    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec


    @annantz: yup, red ones are errors. If you’re not experienced with this stuff, I suggest asking for help someone who is (that’ll also require giving them access to your WP admin panel). I believe fixing those issues might take some back and forth playing with installed plugins.

    Maybe you’ve recently installed another plugin and it doesn’t work? If so, try disabling it and see what will happen. Also, disabling caching plugin and checking out the errors again might help you with determining which plugin(s) causes those errors.

    I disabled all my plug-ins except the pin it plug-in and still nothing.

    I updated all my plug-ins and now that error seems to be gone but the pin-it button still wont work on my blog home page

    Any other ideas?

    Scratch that. The one error is still there:

    Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

    All info on that Error says disable plug-ins to find it or it must be a plug-in issue but I deactivated every single plug-in what else can I do? I really want to fix it

    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec


    @murray644: try deactivating nrelate Related Content plugin and check for errors. If you can’t do that, chances are the plugin is built-in in the theme you’re using.

    Alright, I deactivated my nrelate Related Content plugin and checked and the error is still there. So I guess I’m outta luck on this one? I’m using the Crystal Child Theme / Studiopress not sure what plug-ins are even built into it. The only ones I know I use are the plug-ins on my dashboard.

    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec


    @murray644: please bring me up to date with what’s going up on your website. Is the plugin working fine now (as you’ve written in the other topic), or not? Also, please reply only in this topic – it’s easier for me to track what’s going on with your website ;).

    hey mrsztuczkens!
    i tried to deactivate all the plugins and then activate them one by one.. found out that google adsense plugin that preventing it to show up.. now the problem is kinda resolve as i used another adsense plugin. the pin it button doesn’t show up on homepage.. but it shows up perfectly on single post although i have select to show up on all the pages..


    Plugin Author Marcin Skrzypiec



    Please change the selector in the plugin’s settings from

    div.jpibfi_container img


    div.post img, div.page img

    and let me know if it helped.

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