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    please make sure it’s in debug mode (maybe you accidentally forgot to save the settings?), because right now it isn’t ;).


    So… I installed all this code in my CSS and Theme Settings and Simple Hooks to get this bar that goes straight across the top of my page and updates people with info. (here is the link to the tutorial I followed: )

    Unfortunately, I figured out that something with that code and your plugin just don’t mesh well. I believe it has something to do with the toggle button feature. If you can figure out what’s conflicting with the two codes, so both would work that would be FANTASTIC!!

    For now I just deleted the code for the bar, because your plugin is more important to me on my site. But you can see all the code I installed (then removed) in that tutorial link if that helps.

    I took the plugin off debug mode when I was trying to figure out how to get the two of them to work, I kept it off because I took out the bad code, and kept your plugin working. Hope all of this makes sense. I appreciate your help! 🙂


    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    Hi Shawn,

    actually it would be much easier for me to figure out what’s going on if you would activate debug mode and add all the changes from the tutorial (that you took out). Could you please do that and let me know?

    Ok, I put the code back in, and switched to debug mode.

    Weird thing is that it looks like the bar works when I am logged in, but when I log out and look at my site, it’s gone. ?!? I deleted my cache, but who knows. Let me know if you can figure it out. Thanks for your help!


    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens



    my plugin doesn’t work because one of the things you’ve added crashes (after the crash JavaScript parser doesn’t go any further, so the code of my plugin isn’t executed at all, that’s why it seems like the plugin doesn’t work).

    What can you do?

    First, try deactivating the caching plugin, chances are my plugin will ‘start’ to work (because it will be in a separate file, with caching on all the JavaScript code is in one file).

    Another thing you can do is to find a plugin that will allow you to force usage of an older version of jQuery (like 1.7). That added code crashes because it uses functions that are depracated and deleted in the version of jQuery that’s on your blog (1.9).

    Hope this helps.

    Removing the cache plugin didn’t work. I don’t really want to downgrade your plugin cause I like the dynamic feature of the more recent updates.

    I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to create some code to achieve that bar at the top of my site… do you know anyone who could create a code that would not clash with your plugin?


    Plugin Author mrsztuczkens


    Did you update the Genesis framework or your child theme since the last message? If so, please add that piece of code once again. If that won’t fix the issue, you probably should ask someone to do that for you.

    I believe you shouldn’t hire anyone to code that bar from scratch for you. The issue here is pretty minor and shouldn’t take long to fix. Tomorrow I’m going on vacation for almost two weeks, so I can’t do that for you right now (I will only check out the support forum from time to time). When looking for someone, you can check out (I’m not related to them anyhow and didn’t use the service ever).

    I you don’t mind waiting, you can contact me using the contact form on plugin’s website.

    btw. great job on the Pin it button on your site, looks great

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