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[Resolved] Pilcrow – How to Change Font Style?

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  • WPyogi


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    You’ll need to modify the CSS code — do you have a custom CSS option or plug-in set up? (Or a child theme?)

    Try using Firebug to work with CSS — it shows you the CSS that’s controlling specific elements on the page.

    Yes, I have that option — I’ve looked in the CSS and don’t see where to do any changes — I know basic CSS so do know (or I thought) what to look for….

    I looked and do not see it.

    No Child Theme — the framework is Pilcrow



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    Are you using Firebug (or equivalent) – it shows the selector to use for the menu as:

    #nav {
       put styles here;

    Depending on how specific you want to define fonts, this for the entire content section and/or sidebar separately:

    #content-box {
    .content-sidebar #sidebar, .content-sidebar #secondary-sidebar {

    Okay so what would this look like? And, will I put this into the CSS Style Sheet Editor to override the current CSS?

    1. Oxygen for the body
    2. Armata for the nav menu and side bar

    (Thank you so much!)

    Here is what the CSS shows:

    [Way too much code removed – CSS is all visible on your site — no need to post it here. And please see the guidelines re: posting code:
    http://codex.wordpress.org/Forum_Welcome#Posting_Code ]



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    Since those are Google Fonts, are they already enabled in your theme? If not, you’ll need to install a plugin so you can use them:


    Plug-in installed — now what?



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    Add the ones you want: http://www.google.com/webfonts#HomePlace:home

    Then use the font-family in the CSS (which I posted above).


    Does it matter if I do Font 1, Font 2…

    My choices do not have Menu….. as a choice any suggestion?

    All (body tags)
    Headline 1 (h1 tags)
    Headline 2 (h2 tags)
    Headline 3 (h3 tags)
    Headline 4 (h4 tags)
    Headline 5 (h5 tags)
    Headline 6 (h6 tags)
    Paragraphs (p tags)
    Lists (li tags)

    SO what do I put in the brackets below? For the Font Oxygen?


    #nav {
    put styles here;[WHAT DO I PUT IN HERE????]

    i have also installed that plugin and configured it but it does not overwrite Oxygen’s own limited google fonts styles. Any thoughts on how I can do that? unfortunately my blog is not public at this moment so i can’t share it.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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