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  • Hi there,

    Recently, a hacker deleted my entire WordPress site. Luckily, I have the database backed up and they actually didn’t even touch it, so it’s all in there.

    Can someone provide me or point me to a link that explains how to get your site back up? The database username, password, and prefix are already created. I just need to piece it back together to a new WordPress install.

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    Just upload all the WP files and folders and make a new wp-config.php file. WP will prompt you on login if you need to upgrade the database.

    But you may have lost your theme and uploads, unless you had them backed up, too.

    Hi, I have had same issue–hacker deleted all content on site and replaced it with static html page with erectile dysfunction ads–my database seems fine, and have back up of it from January also. But with clean install of WP none of the database content seems to be showing up, though looking in PHPMyAdmin I can see the pages and posts. WP doesn’t see my users or any trace of the old site content, though everything appears to be pointing to the same database using the same login/pwd.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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