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  • Hi together,
    is it possible to post pictures together with a title and description via the email-interface? Title and description should be stored in a database table, the picture as a normal file in a private file area.
    What do You think about it?
    .best regards

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  • Sure. I have a very similar hack for cell phone email posting which allows pictures as attachments. Look at this forum topic for further information:

    Hey LL,
    I attempted to implement this on my beta-blog tonight with no success. I composed a message on my phone, sent it, then tried to run your script through my browser rather than setup a cron job at this point. I was greeted with the following error message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_open() in
    home/wantm00r/public_html/wordpress/wp-moblog.php on line 34
    I tried removing the /notls that I saw a note about somewhere on your WP blog. Is this a function that should’ve been included in the PHP installation on my web server?

    @wantmoore: Did you compile PHP with IMAP support? It looks like you might not have.

    Not my server. I purchase my hosting from someone else. I’ll get in touch with support and see if it is compiled in or not.

    mod_imap is running on the server. Any other ideas as to why the imap_open function would be returned as undefined?

    I’ve still had no luck getting this to run. The current PHP configuration/installation information regarding my server can be found here. LL, any chance you can take a look at that and see if something critical is missing? I can probably get my host to install it for me if there is. Thanks a million!

    I’m getting the same ‘undefined function’ type of error when it’s calling imap_open.
    Can someone tell me what is it EXACTLY that I need to ask my web host to see if I can get this to work?

    Same, different host with IMAP support install and error on line 34. :/

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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