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    The pictures are bleeding into the right-hand column. I’ve found this is only happening in the Beekeeping section. I’ve checked the photos to be sure they were sized properly. On the first two on the “Harvesting Honey” page, they had “none” checked for alignment so I checked Left align and nothing happening. Any suggestions for why this might be happening and how to “fix” it? Thanks tons for the help!

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  • you have defined your layout width as 800px and the right sidebar as 275px that means the center column will be 800-275= 522px.

    Now it looks like you chose an image at it’s full size which is 640 x 480 so the image is 125px wider than the space you are putting it in.

    try adding the class size-full to the <img…>

    Thank you so much for responding! How odd as all the pics are defined this way, but I’m only have trouble on a few pages.

    Where would I find this option in order to make the addition you recommend? “try adding the class size-full to the <img…>” If it’s under Advanced Options > Image CSS Class — it did not change when I typed in full.


    ‘size-full’ is part of wordpress’s image processing. When you add an image to a post and you choose the size, if you choose ‘full size’ you get teh ‘size-full’ class

    Nothing to do with the theme.

    I now see what you are referring to. I’m still quite baffled. None of the other pictures gave me the option of “custom” or “full size” so it’s not something I intentionally clicked. Perhaps it is a function of the image size when I load it into the media file? Either way, I have figured out how to fix this. Thank you so much for your help!!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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