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  • Help! The new picture uploader WordPress had switched to is TERRIBLE. So many issues with it, starting with the fact that i cannot resize hotlinked pics and must download and upload EVERY LAST PICTURE I post.

    But what’s making me scream today is the discovery that when I align pictures “left” they align ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT ignoring the margins in the most terrible manner that makes the entire post look ridiculous. I NEED the pictures to align with the text. it looks STUPID. I do fashion posts and reviews–by making it so I cannot align pictures with the text, wordpress is essentially ruining my blog.

    In the old format, I could go in and remove extra gobblidygook wordpress had needlessly included and suddenly my pictures would align left with the margin instead of going all the way off to the side. Now I have no ability to do that–it was taken away from me.

    I am running wordpress with a modified 2014 theme and you can see a post where this horrific thing has been done to me here: (Scroll halfway down.)

    Any advice of how i can work around this and reforce pictures to stick to the proper margins would be greatly appreciated. I am no CSS queen so remember–small words.

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