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  • (newbie alert…)

    If I understand correctly when I want to include pictures in my posts I need to upload them separately, worry about the filenames and which directory I put the files in.
    Then, in the post I link to the picture with an <img> tag.

    If I ever get around to converting my pages to blog/wordpress then almost every post would include pictures and I’d find it a real hassle to keep track of where everything is and what the filenames are. I also don’t want to create thumbnails or resize originals myself.

    Are there any developments in a direction that would put the pictures themselves in the database ?
    or, an easy upload interface integrated into the write editor which would tightly couple the pics to the post.

    also, I think I might want to write my own image plugin for the way I want thumbnails to expand to bigger images, could anyone point me to a plugin writing tutorial.

    thanks for any answers!

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  • searched around a little and found this:

    it’s a step in the right direction…

    If by step in the right direction you mean images in a database, then it is a step but most certainly not the right direction.

    It’s not? Looks like a plugin that stores image contents in the database to me…

    pictures in the database is not a step in the right direction for WP.

    Yes, I agree, but they meant a step in the right direction towards what they want, not what’s best for WordPress. awallin is free to want images stored in the database if they want. 😉

    But as said, it’s not advised. It causes significantly more load to the server, makes slower page load times, etc.


    I can see that you think pictures in the database is not good because of performance reasons.

    would you not agree then that having the pictures automatically stored on disk somewhere (with a filename and a directory that I don’t have to worry about) and somehow attached to a specific post would be good ?

    Have you tried an image plugin like PhotoPress? You set the location once, then it uploads the images there, it can create a thumbnail and insert the proper code into the post.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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