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Pictures from WordPress.com -> WordPress.org

  • Good morning,

    I know I am asking about a topic that was covered again and again but it looks like I cannot find any working solutions or clear message telling me “Don’t go further, it is impossible”.

    What I try to do: I had a blog on WordPress.com with ~100 posts. Now I have prepared my self-hosted WordPress.org website and I would like to import my past 100 posts from WordPress.com to my new self-hosted WordPress.org website.

    What I do: So first I download the xml file for few posts from my WordPress.com website. Then using the WordPress Importer plugin, I try to import them on my new website. I reassign the post to a user and ask to download the pictures and attachments.

    What happens: The importer usually stop working few times due to lack of memory but after running a couple of times, it usually succeed downloading the pictures and posts. I can see the post, I can see the pictures in the library but then when I look at the post on my website, the pictures in the post are still pointing to my WordPress.com website. I really don’t understand why they are not reassigned to the freshly downloaded pictures?

    Am I missing something? Is there a new version that I cannot find? A potential workaround?

    I know that I will probably have to rework a bit my posts but reassigning all the pictures would be crazy.

    I am up for any solutions!

    Thank you in advance for your help.



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