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    how do i make a link to a picture and have the image appear in the same webpage? i do not want it to open in a new window, i want the image to appear in one page with the link.
    actually i want to do back and next links if anyone knows what i’m talking about. like when i click the next link it will show the next image in the series and if i click the back link it will show me pervious image
    all in one page. please help me out!

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  • contact – sam@samsblog.com / samyang@qfremont2.com

    are you talking about using the img button when writing posts and then using a link button to give the same link?

    err no.
    is there a way where i can create a link which links to a picture. now i want it so that when i click the link the picture will appear in that same page where the link is and the picture is side a frame. maybe iframes?

    awesome site. it’s what i want to do and so much more. i’m not exactly sure how to tho… plugins… never used them before, can you help and explain?

    You need Exhibit plugin to upload and create thumbnail. Also this plugin creates new table to save the location of thumbnail. I used that table to display 5 thumbnails. Also this plugin keeps the aspect ratio of image same, so i modified to generate square image. you can email me at fotowp@premii.endjunk.com if you need more help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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