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  • Is there a simple way that anyone knows of for me to allow my users to upload ONE picture (no more or less) to go along with their post? Obviously, they can do it from the administration screen, but I was really hoping for something more simple (a plugin maybe?) that would just give them a button below the comment text box for adding a picture. The point of all of this is that it must be VERY straight-forward and easy for people to understand. As a frame of reference, I’m trying to set up a “craigs-list”-type site for my hometown using WordPress. Should be easy, but I’m stuck with this snag. Can anyone help?

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  • hello I feel your pain. Dowload the plugin WP Gallery. It will allow you to post a picture next to the post where ever you need it. once you activate the plugin, place the tag on the post and you should be able load it

    Thanks, Ted… I really appreciate the help, but I was really looking for something more simple than that. You see… it’s not that I want to post pics for myself, it’s that I want to allow ANYONE who’s posting a thread (basically a classified ad) on the site to include a picture. To this end, I don’t want to require them to do any tagging (not even ‘<img>’) to get their pic up. They should basically just have to hit a custom button that says “include pic” and browse around on their hard-drive to open and upload it. I suppose I also don’t really need this capability with follow up comments so much as for original threads that someone is creating. As far as I can tell, this cannot be done with Gallery, but I could be wrong and if so, I expect someone will correct me. Thank you all for your time.

    Is there no simple answer for this? Since nobody’s posting in response, I have to believe that either:
    -This really hasn’t been tackled by anyone already and I’m going to have to write the code myself (which, I just can’t believe)

    -OR I’m asking such a stupid question that noone will even dignify it by saying “Hey, idiot, that’s really simple, you just…”

    Which is it?

    I’m not familiar with the plugin, but what I understand is that it gives a simple tag to insert the image. Check out the codex for adding quicktag buttons, you should be able to incorporate both concepts.
    I don’t know about having multiple users, so I assume they get the quicktag editor when they post.

    thanks miklb

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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