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  • Wondering if there’s a plugin or a way to have so if i put an image link into the comment section of a post that it will actually pop up as in over lay image, so it doesn’t move me to the page with the image on it?

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  • Hi,

    You did not provide a lot of information as to what exactly you want to do with those images. I mean, are you referring to image links that users may provide, or to specific images that are already there in the comment section?
    Also, a link to your site might help.
    In the meantime, you could try one of the many lightbox plugins out there that provide overlay functionality. I use Fancybox2 and it works great.


    Look at image one

    than image 2

    As, you can see this is what I’d like to do with my wordpress.

    If, someone leaves a link to an image.. I’d like it so that, if someone wants to see the image, it would pop up on the same screen without booting them to another screen with the image on it, I want it to be an overlay to the comment box. Now, please bare in mind that I took those images, from a website, that is running on the boards of phpbb not wordpress. they have coded it so hard and so much that it’s a website that’s runnning on phpbb, and when you click on the forum tab, it will show you a forum, but if your not in the forum itself, it’s an actually legit website. maybe that’s why I can’t do what i want to with wordpress

    Now, here is my website that is running off of wordpress.

    As you can tell I want to
    to upload an image.. I did find that the only code that worked to display the image was

    <img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”>

    The other links on that image didn’t work. So, what I’d like to do is just after the image that is shown the link ‘’ I’d like to have it pop up for users if they want to view the image, instead of booting them to the actual picture url

    Side note: Iam using the plugin called ‘Comment Image’ where people can upload the image. But, when they do they can click on it, and will actually move them to the source on my server to where the image is located, instead of having it as overlay. Sometimes i think people just miss the picture upload button. thats why i’d like to have it as a link

    That plugin you are using is the only free one I know of that allows for image insertion in comments.
    The main reason why images in comments do not work off the bat is because comments are processed and escaped for security purposes to avoid malicious code injection and security breaches in your site.
    If you share a link to your Comments section with some images in there I will tell you how to implement Fancybox2 in your site.

    Were you able to figure this out?

    Well, I’ve been rocken that plugin where people can upload images, but bleh its fine, thanks for checking back.. Kinda rather not use so many plugins lags down the site and [ profanity removed ]. But, I guess i’ll have to do with out the link. they should fix the loop hole or something you know.

    I have fancybox installed, if someone leaves a link to a picture can i have fancybox show the image without having the user go to the url of the picture now?

    Yeah, you would just have to configure fancybox to target images in comments by class. Check out the instructions and the documentation for more information as to how to do it.

    Dude go here its open sign ups hit me up on here or email [email address redacted]

    Thanks.. cause i have plugins installed
    that gives me a ton of options. Will give you a drop down menu on dashboard.
    Doesn’t give me a menu on my dashboard, it will just somehow know to have images as overlays no options whats so ever.
    Will give you an option on dashboard part, but just like half a page of options, nothing to great.

    I assumed you were using the plugin I shared a link to here.
    If you have all those plugins activated at once, then that is probably the cause of your issue, specially if any of them are using the same scripts (lightbox, fancybox, etc.). What you need to do is deactivate all of them except one, follow all the plugin instructions to activate and set up, and see if it works.
    If none of them work, make sure you are going about inserting your images properly, i.e., wrapped in <a> and </a> (link) tags, and that said tags have a rel attribute in the page you are showing your images on.

    Naw, I know not to have all of them on at once bud!! hahha 🙂 But, I was just stating some plugins I have.

    Figured I’d give you my sites address, and email, incase you wanted to code it for me, since im a noob!

    Unsure if i should just keep one of them that doesn’t include a subsection under “SETTINGS’ tab?

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