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  • I’ve recently installed PictorialisII, while I really like it as a means of providing a gallery I’m wondering if it is possible to set it up as more of a photoblog. What I’m looking to do is set up a “Photo a Day” type deal…along the lines of
    …just a single photo per day. Has anyone done this using Pictorialis? Or maybe just a plain WordPress install. I’d love suggestions.

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  • I’m using pictorialis I for my photoblogs
    I’m not finish yet tweaking the css style since i don’t have time yet. But so far i really like it.

    I use essentially a plain WP install for my site, along with some fabulous custom code (CSS & javascript) that I hired Jennifer of to create for me. You can view it at
    I *heart* WordPress.

    Yes, I resize and create thumbnails by hand – but that is because I sometimes (not often, but on occassion) crop the images to cut out extra space. That gives me time to pick out photos I want to post and so forth, so I don’t mind. Also, I like to try to pick something for the thumbnail that might grab people’s attention because I display them at the top of my main blog.

    Yes i was searching high and low for teh same thing too but to no vail. All i want is for my idnex page to display the most recent picture, a.k.a a photo a day type. Smth like leony posted his site as.
    But in my site it only post the excerpt of thumbnails with all the albums listed in the index page. I just want my most recent photo in the index page.
    When i ask aorund the pictorialis forum, all they say is to go back to previous pictorialis release if i didnt want album (pictorialis 2 uses album). But i want album for better archiving and organization of my photo. There got to be somewhere around where i can only show my most recent pic as leony does on previous reply.
    Pls advise.
    Pls HELP….

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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