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  • Pictorialis II is a standalone Gallery (like) tool that creates nice looking, well formatted galleries for you without tables or storage in flat files. The primary goal of developing pictorialis was to be able to easily create galleries which do not use tables and are not stored in a flat file.
    The example gallery can be found here:
    Some of the features of Pictorialis II:
    -Album building from the post interface
    -Single photo addition, much like a photoblog
    -Upload from FTP, point to the album, suggest an album name and description, type of thumbnail and click on publish album
    -EXIF support even without PHP-EXIF
    -GD and NetPBM support with optional NetPBM binaries
    -XHTML compliant code
    -Lots of custom fields for versatility and future features
    -Picture preview on edit
    -Picture Descriptions
    -Everything is paged
    -Look Ma, no tables!
    -Count number of visits per picture (optional)
    -Comments, trackbacks etc
    -Clean simple design and CSS
    -All of WP is included, so all the WP features are available!
    Download the zip file from here:
    Please post bugs and requests on the Pictorialis Support Forums

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  • Wow, looks beautiful.

    Um…excuse me, but, uh…I can’t find the kitchen sink. You said it would have everything, including the kitchen sink. I think you were pulling my leg.
    Great stuff, Lizard-breath!

    I tried to fit the kitchen sink into the zip file, but it kept growing humungous in size! 😛

    Is it easy to customize the code so you can display a full size picture *and* thumbnails on the same page ? (I prefer this layout for better browsing 🙂

    It is easy if you know code. I would suggest you post your requirements on the forum (in the post above).

    I have had enough comments and emails on Pictorialis that I feel that I need to clarify what the software is and what it really does.
    Pictorialis does not require a prior installation of WordPress or any prior knowledge of WordPress. It is a standalone gallery (like) tool that creates nice looking, well formatted galleries for you without tables or storage in flat files. You do require MySql and PHP on your server to be able to run this program.
    I would love to see examples of this tool in action.

    Coming Soon: Tempus Fugit.
    Should be online by end of June…waiting for some hosting things to be cleared up and for delivery of that kitchen sink I was asking for…

    Should it really take that long?

    oh i am excited aobut this!!!! hope to install in july when i ahve a break in visits between kids! excellent job LL:)!!!!!!!

    Hi, I installed pictorialis last night. I really like it, and I think if I can get things working right it might just become my main place. But i am having some issues. I posted them on the support forum here:
    Thanks for the great program! 🙂

    Answered. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    cant see the 1 image on moose’s photoblog :S

    The subdomain finally resolved through the DNS. I had to wait for servers to be moved around. 🙂
    That issue is due to a couple of things: I have not set up my rewrite rules in .htaccess yet, and the fact that I’m already upgrading to the newest PII.
    Thanks to Lizard-breath for a fantastic piece of code. I will be sending him truckloads of money in payment. 😉

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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