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  • Anonymous

    I was wondering if there is a Hack where you can upload pictures and it displays them on the side kinda like your recent cam picture.
    Kinda like..
    See how he has the pictures on the side 😛

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  • moshu


    What about looking at his source? 🙂



    It looks like you would need to install another blog, just for photos. Then, you could use get_recent_posts() or an RSS aggregator to display the images on another page.
    It looks like he is just grabbing the last five gallery sections and displaying them on his front page.



    I guess you could do that with exhibit too.


    I was thinking about this recently and was intending to try using kittys ‘show/hide categories’ plugin to hide a (images) category on the main blog and show only that cat on the sidebar. I have not tried this yet, but reading the docs with the plugin I think it can be done.



    Why not install Coppermine and then use the plugin?
    Got it running at


    Wowa nice one Eyeno..
    What plugins will I need for those?



    Get Coppermine at
    Get psnGallery at
    Follow all the instructions closely and have fun!


    Eyeno I am having problems.. I inserted the table into the SQL… Now I recieve this..
    Did I have to edit wp-config.php
    I inserted the tables into my wordpress.. and coppermine is properlly installed.. what step did I miss?

    Anyone know?
    Im dieing to get my blog working 🙁

    Whoa, did you set up a new database for Coppermine? It should be setup separately and then you link it through your wp index.php

    Was I suppose to put those things on the coppermine database? Or the WP database? I kinda put them in the wordpress database…

    Coppermine regquires a separate database. Did you read the instructions?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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