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    I am new to wordpress and am using the Picolight theme to build a website. I would like a different header image on each page, but for some reason I can’t get the featured image function to work for me. All the images I’m trying to use work as headers; I’ve tested them by setting them each as the main header. All the images also work on all pages when I specify that a random selection be made. It looks like I should be able to specify which image I’d like to use for each specific page; a thumbnail of the image I select shows up on my dashboard Edit Page after I set the featured image just like it’s supposed to. But for some reason none of the images appear on the site and only the main image is repeated across each page. I’ve tried turning off all plugins but that hasn’t made a difference. I haven’t been able to find any solutions on other posts, so any suggestions on what to try next would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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  • Featured images are usually set at the top of a post, and are sometimes used in setting slideshows. I’ve never heard of them being used as part of a header. Typically a header image stays as part of the header, and is used for every page.

    I took a quick look at the theme and it looks like the developer programmed to only show the thumbnail as the featured image. Also in single.php, the developer does not included the featured image.

    Thanks for the quick response. I think I understand what you said. But I guess I’m still confused because my friend (who uses the twenty eleven theme) used ‘featured image’ to set the header image on each of his pages (a number of static pages and one blog/post page). Is there a way I could tweak my child theme to either use the featured image setting the way I want or, less desirable, to code in each page’s header image? Is that something I would do in single.php?

    You are talking about two different things. A header image, is a background image that is part of the header that is included on every page of your site. A featured image is set in a post or a page (if you theme allows it. The feature image typically displays under the header as part of the content (either in a post or a page).

    The header is the same for all pages of your site. The feature image is post or page dependent.

    Suggest you read Thumbnails in WordPress

    hmmm…even after reading more about thumbnails and how featured images are intended to be used I’m still not sure why it seems to work differently for the twenty eleven theme. But I “solved” my problem using the WP Display Header plugin. thanks for your help.

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