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    During these summer holidays we have had an issue where clients will select Pickup Points that are closed for holiday. We only know this because when we check the official VASP software (Which is used for registering the shippings in their system) the selected pickup point will generate an error (will just be red with an X / Unavailable )

    This naturally leads us to have to contact the clients and spend time with them figuring out an alternative pickup point and manually changing it in the VASP system.

    We notice that these points (which are on holiday) will not show up as available in the official VASP system:

    However they will still show up on the Woocommerce checkout page using the Portugal VASP Expresso Kios network for WooCommerce plugin.
    They will also still show up on the official VASP website: https://www.vaspexpresso.pt/pt/geral/rede-kios/

    We assume Marco is using the VASP API to retrieve the pickup point data, so quite possibly the plugin is not at fault but the data being made available by the VASP API.

    This is a request to see if it’s possible to do something about this.
    – Does VASP provide info that the pickup point are currently unavailable/closed for holiday?

    – Marco do you know what could be wrong, if is it possible to fix this or not?
    Would you recommend we directly contact VASP with this issue?

    Thank you

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    Update: we have also contacted VASP on this issue


    We were about to contact VASP about that.
    Did you get any information from them?

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    They requested us to send them examples of these broken / unsynced pickup points, which we have already done and now we’re waiting for a response on their side.
    We will update here acordingly.
    Thank you for your concearn Marco!

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    VASP mentioned this problem is solved by restarting the main VASP windows program (the one that is used to communicate and generate their transportation documents).

    Partially this problem was originated because we had their software running on a computer that is always turned on and only set to hibernate/sleep, so when this problem sometimes happens, restarting the program does fix it.

    However this does not work for all points.
    Here is a recent example of one that is available to be picked in the VASP woocommerce plugin, but not existant on their Windows application:

    112181 – Coffee Shop A Pimentinha
    Urb Pimenteiras Lt 8 Lj B
    2415-767 Leiria

    Just to clarify, Portugal VASP Expresso Kios network for WooCommerce
    uses the VASP API to get the pickup points, correct?
    Does it have its own saved database or use transients of some kind that could be outdated?

    Thank you for clarifying Marco

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    We recently got an answer from VASP regarding this issue and the previous mentioned point:

    “O ponto de venda indicado não está disponível na nossa API.

    Os pontos disponíveis tanto na API, como nas várias plataformas utilizadas pelos clientes para criação de serviços estão sincronizados (salvo raras exceções de algum problema numa aplicação especifica).

    Neste caso concreto, e similarmente ao que já tinha indicado anteriormente,  parece-me que a lista de pontos disponíveis que estão a utilizar não está correta.

    Consegue confirmar que este ponto está efetivamente disponível no plugin que estão a utilizar? O plugin utiliza a nossa API, pelo que deveria estar também sincronizado com todos os nossos serviços.”

    So VASP confirms that this point is not available at their API as well, however when testing and using VASP Expresso Kios network for WooCommerce plugin I can confirm that it is still allowing me at this very moment to select this pickup point

    We are on version 2.3.0 of the plugin
    Is the database of these points dynamic? Could it be somehow storing a wrong KIOS point?

    Thank you once again for your attention on this matter Marco

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    We came across a new problem that is exactly the inverse of the situation reported before. It seems there are KIOS Pickup points which exist in the VASP network, are in the API as well (as confirmed by VASP support) but that do not show here on the VASP Expresso Kios network for WooCommerce plugin

    This is one of those points:

    Papelaria A Capa
    Código Postal: 4585-015

    We’re looking into it, but as you can imagine it’s not easy to maintain a free plugin that is used by only around 10 stores.

    Pastelaria A Capa: existe na API e dos nossos testes conseguimos carregar para a nossa lista interna no plugin.

    A Pimentinha: confirmamos que não está na API e dos nossos testes não passou para a nossa lista interna no plugin.

    Portanto deve ser um problema da sua instalação não conseguir estar a actualizar os pontos a partir da API, o que o plugin tentar fazer uma vez por dia. Veja na tabela wp_options os registos com os nomes pvkw_points_last_update_try_datetime e pvkw_points_last_update_datetime e indique aqui os seus valores.

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    Muito obrigado Marco por teres guiado com a luz 🙏</img>
    já percebi que estava a haver um problema com o CRON e ao correr o valor
    já actualizou
    muito obrigado Marco Deus do Woocommerce Português pela atenção, paciência e compreenção!


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