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    This could be done using different templates for each form. Might be a little tricky, but certainly possible. I’d suggest using groups to organize your fields, the have each template determine which groups display.

    Thanks for getting in touch so soon.

    I am not sure if I quite follow you when you say, “have each template determine which groups display.” How are you using the template to determine which groups display? If you could give me some more information on that it would be great.


    Here is a preview of a register link that I am starting to work with.

    For right now I just have two of the awards show categories listed.

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    Well, to some degree, you’ve got to have some PHP skills to pull this off, but here’s the basic idea.

    Make a copy of the pdb-signup-default.php file and put it in your theme directory in a directory called “templates” Now, when the signup shortcode is called, this template will be used. If you edit the template in the plugin itself, you’ll lose it when you update.

    There’s a line in the template that looks like this:
    <?php while ( $this->have_groups() ) : $this->the_group(); ?>
    OK, right after that, you just check for the name of the group. if it’s one you don’t want to show , it skips to the next one:

    <?php while ( $this->have_groups() ) : $this->the_group();
     if ( $this->group->name != 'a-group-I-dont-want-to-show' ) :

    Now, it’s going to print the group if it’s not one you want to skip. After that, put this…between the “endwhile” statements:

    <?php endwhile; // fields
          endwhile; // groups ?>

    That closes the “If” statement, and then the next group will get shown.

    That is just to give you the idea…

    Now, once you have it working for one of your forms, copy the template, give it a new name, modify it for your nest form and use it by calling the template in your shortcode. This is explained on on this page under “Templates”

    I appreciate the info I’ll give this a shot and see what I can come up with.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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