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  1. n8cheever
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I want to create a website with WordPress allowing users to choose how to navigate a non-linear story. They'd create a profile to keep track of their last chapter upon return. Their choices would also be stored for easier re-use later. For example, instead of remembering the reader picked 5 apples, when it asked how many later, it'd auto-fill the requested field with "5 apples".

    I found this plugin which could handle different readers and their answers:


    The other part is their choices would involve drop down options or actual keywords they have to enter and cross-reference match with a database. For example, if choosing to pick the left door or go up-the-ladder, the reader would only technically have to enter "left" or "ladder" but could also enter "I want to open the left door" or "I want to climb up the ladder".

    Maybe there's a math-problem plugin for this right, wrong, or optional answer to take you to a different page? Or could there be an existing security-answer plugin that could be re-purposed to do this?

    Is there anyone out there that's attempted this with WordPress before? I have WordPress experience and want this to be responsive for smartphones which is why I'm choosing WordPress over other CMS options.

    If you have any suggestions, help, or problems I might encounter, I'd be extremely grateful!

  2. n8cheever
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Mild update for anyone who stumbles onto this thread...

    "Choose-your-own-adventure" is a better keyword search.

    This revealed two threads:



    The best response suggests using a survey or questionnaire plugin with branching capability.

    Separate from that, there's a profession plugin called Sensei which lets you set up lessons for students in WordPress. The students can be graded multiple ways -- among those are multiple choice questions (or in other words "Choose-your-own-Answer").


    It doesn't automatically "grade" fill-in-the-blank questions, however. It also doesn't look like it can recall previous answers.

  3. Julian Fox (greataussiepie)
    Posted 2 years ago #

    this sounds really cool, let us know how u went with it. id love to use that website.

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