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  • I tried installing the REALLY SIMPLE CAPTCHA plugin that goes with Contact Form 7 and it just did not show up.

    So I tried PICATCHA and it messed up the format of the blog, pushing my right hand column under the posts on the main and other pages!!! GRRRR.

    1) Why won’t any captcha programs work ?

    2) Does this mean I need to reinstall all the files of the blog or only a few, and if a few, which ones, to fix the mess it created? I deleted both CAPTCHA plugins for now.

    Contact me at info@ please… thanks.

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  • I tried deleting and reinstating all my widgets for the right hand sidebar. No dice. The elements just keep showing up on the bottom where they don’t belong.

    What parts can I reinstall to fix this without having to start from scratch???

    I’ve reinstalled WP. I’ve reinstalled theme Aggregate.

    I removed all widgets and started over adding one to the sidebar on the homepage and it still sinks to the bottom!

    What the heck did it break and how to fix it?

    I switched to 2011 and that’s broken too… but 2012 shows the one widget I have there in the right place! The search is on the right.

    So now I can’t even tell if it’s the theme files that are broken or the engine files.
    I have reinstalled both…

    Next what? The DB?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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