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  • so I am not that great about these things, but I really like the galleries that Picasa makes. They have a raw XML output.
    Would it be possible to make a plugin or tool that you could add galleries that look like your template?

    just a thought.

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  • Can you point me towards an example?

    Edit: I’ve made a minor change to the script that could make a difference.

    Specifically, what is referencing the plugins directory… is it that the images are being looked for in the plugins directory, or is the script looking for the index.xml file in the plugins directory?

    Here is a link to my post.

    Can't find file /wp-content/plugins/../galleries/peace_country/index.xml.

    It’s actually looking in the right place. The .. in the path tells it to go up a directory… it’s a bit of a kludge, and it’s been removed in the latest version, which you can download now from

    I tried to find, which should point to the xml file where the plugin is looking and got a 403 error. Maybe your permissions aren’t set correctly after the upload? They need to be at least 755 for the directories and 644 for the files, if you’re using Unix… on windows, who knows.

    Check the permisions, try the latest version, and let me know how you go.


    I uploaded your script and saw the change right away. Then I checked permissions and found that the galleries folder was 766 which would not work. Changing it to 755 was successful. It’s very nice! Thanks!

    Now to play with some of Picasa’s settings and mess with the thumbnail CSS as well.

    Cheers, Hi-Fi!

    Check it out!

    Cheers… good to see someone else can use it… I’ll let you know if it gets updated.


    Hi-Fi, got it running in about 2 minutes. Thanks very much!!

    I got this to work pretty quickly but would like to alter the output a bit. Right now it si showing 5 thumbnails wide in the post, how can I alter this so that the width is not exceeding the width of the post?

    In other words, 4 thumbnails wide instead of 5?


    All it does is display all the images in line. If there is room for them, then the browser will display them all along side each other. If there’s not enough room, then they get wrapped to the next line. I’m not doing anything fancy to the images at all. If you’re having a problem with the images going beyond the width of your post, then you might want to have a play around with the stylesheet that specifies the width of all your div’s etc for your site.

    You could always hack the script up a bit so that it displays only four images wide, but it sounds like that wouldn’t be the best fix to your problem.

    Edit: I’ve had a look at your site using Firefox on Linux and it seems like the problem you’re getting is because there is no padding on the left hand side of your entry. One way to fix this would be to add the following to your stylesheet…

    .imagegallery {
    text-align: center;
    margin: auto;

    That will center the gallery, if that’s not what you want, then you could try something like

    .imagegallery {
    margin-left: 10px;

    which will place a 10 pixel margin on the left hand side of the containing div for the images.

    Hope that is some help.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I’m afraid to mess too much with the code. I just got the site looking the way I want it to (at least in Firefox)

    In the post I tried center tags but that didn’t seem to work. Can you use html tags to alter this at all in the post?

    Post in question is here:


    Try the other things, with modifying the CSS and let me know how it goes.

    Great. I am not sure where to put that in the CSS however…I’ve tried to add it at the end of the stylesheet but it has no effect. Sorry, not to handy with CSS, thanks for the help.

    nevermind, got it. Thanks much HiFi!

    I just put this in the head of my CSS:

    /* begin ImageGallery */

    .imagegallery {
    margin-left: 10px;

    /* end ImageGallery */

    Has anybody had any joy with the define bgColor function in the XML template (For Picaso Exports) for use with Ben’s Plug-in?

    S’cool, I have found one suitable solution:

    O.K., something strange has happened…

    This morning I installed the WP Picasa plugin, no problems. Did a test post and great. Got some help from HiFi, adjusted the margin and bingo, great.

    I just wrote another post and included a new gallery in that one. Post is fine, thumbs are there.

    Here is the wierd part. If you visit my blog you will see the recent post and then if you scroll down to the test post three posts below somehow the last thumbs post is all of a sudden in the first test post. It will make sense when you see it. When I go to edit the first thumb post the newly included, duplicate post is not there to delete, but it still appears on the blog…

    confused? me too.

    Any ideas??

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