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  • so I am not that great about these things, but I really like the galleries that Picasa makes. They have a raw XML output.
    Would it be possible to make a plugin or tool that you could add galleries that look like your template?

    just a thought.

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  • I know I would use the hell out of such a thing, if there was one.

    Sure that should be possible.

    anyone interested in making this possible?

    Can you post the xml output?

    and what the plugin supposed to do??

    what would the plugin do?
    use the gallery structure of picasa and intergrate it into a WP blog. Since a good simple gallery that is easy is difficult to come across for WP.

    I’ve tried G2, and found it to be very slow.
    I’ve tried Coppermine, and found it to be far beyond what I need.
    I’ve tried Exibit, and couldn’t get it to work.
    I’ve tried RumGallery, and couldn’t get it to work either.

    Picasa galleries are just so clean and simple. Image, click to view, click button for next.

    Just an idea. Might be out of the question.
    I added a 12 photo XML output here

    Have you tried Simple PHP Gallery?

    That is the one I use and wasn’t hard to integrate…

    I’m using Minigal
    It’s a galleri using flatfile instead of MySql. They are coming with a new release soon.

    I have just developped a php4 script that parses the Picasa XML and generates web pages.

    It uses Smarty (for caching and templates) and is very fast and very configurable.

    No database needed.

    I’m in the middle of developing a plugin for myself to use to help integrate WP with Picasa. I want to see how useful others may find it.

    This is basically how it would work:

    1. Export Picasa Photo album with the XML option
    2. Upload that folder (via ftp) to a user specified folder in the wp-content folder
    3. Go to Manage -> Picasa in your WP admin where the uploaded albums are listed.
    4. Click on an album which creates a post that you can add content to, write about it, and publish it.

    Each album will be a single post, not each photo. I’m building in some configurable options that I would use such as being able to choose a custom template for posts that are Picasa albums.

    This plugin will only be useful to those who can access ftp to upload folders to their server, otherwise I haven’t found a way to upload complete directories via a html/broswer interface.

    I have written the script that parses the xml and creates posts from uploaded folders but haven’t created the gallery viewing portion.

    If it sounds useful to you and there are some certain features that you think would be nice email me at

    Very interesting! I use PICASA at my own computer, and I was searching it´s relation to the “Hello” service (I saw something about it at Orkut).
    If you need a tester, I can do it. I´m just making a whole new website with WP 1.5, so, just after that I will migrate my real website to the 1.5 new templates/plugins/features.

    I upgraded my old website to 1.5 and I´m sooo sad I lost the “Add” button of the Wp-Photos , and I´m so stuped to make it work again.

    I’ve created a little plugin… you just upload the exported XML gallery to /wp-content/galleries/NAME and then instert something like { gallery [NAME] } in your post and it’ll replace that string with all the thumbnail images, which are linked to the full size images that picasa has exported for you.

    Quick and simple, but works pretty well for me. A quick example at

    The only post on that page contains only three lines, which are
    { gallery [Enzo] }
    { gallery [Airshow] }
    { gallery [Airshow 2] }

    If anyone is interested, let me know.

    High Fidelity,

    The output for that is really clean. I like it a lot. I was thinking that using your plugin plus EzStatic, it would be really easy to create multiple standalone gallery pages.

    Are you planning on releasing your plugin for mass consumption?

    High Fidelity,
    Everyone is in need of such a plug!

    Ok… I’ve made it available, even though it’s really basic and doesn’t actually do that much at the moment. It is useable though, which is pretty good.

    Check out for more info, and a download link.



    I just installed your plugin, and it’s misbehaving. Specifically, it is looking for the gallery folder in wp-content/plugins/... and not simply under wp-content/galleries/galleryname/.

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