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[Resolved] Picasa album 'title' vs. 'description'

  • Hello,

    First, I will say your plugin is great. I love it, no double uploading of pictures having to worry whether metadata will follow.

    However, I have an issue with ‘display album title’. I have seen in the help forum here that my info should be in ‘description’ rather than ‘title’. Given that I have 434 albums growing 3 each week, I’m really not eager to copy the info for each from ‘title’ to ‘description’ in Picasa Web. Especially considering Picasa Web doesn’t appear to offer a batch interface to do so (like they have for image legends or album visibility, for example).

    Is there any hope at all for me? Please?


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  • Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    I did mention yesterday that I will put something in: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/picasa-show-album-title?replies=2. You have to give me some time too.

    Ooops, I’m sorry, I hadn’t seen that one! And I thought I’d checked the support forum thoroughly before making my post… Please disregard the comment and keep up the good work!

    But while I’m here, maybe I can ask a question? Is there a way, with your plugin, to make a search in the pictures’ ‘description’ field? I didn’t find an option anywhere, so I’m assuming the chances are slim… but better to ask to make sure.

    Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    The Picasa API is not very flexible, unfortunately. There is no way to search by description in the API. However, very recently it has provided an ability to search by tags, but that hasn’t been bundled with the plugin yet.

    Ah. Thank you very much for clearing that up. Also, thank you for being so quick and helpful with your answers.

    Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    An update: version 1.36 of the plugin will let you show the title instead of the description. Visit the option Photonic → Settings → Picasa → Picasa Settings → Photo titles to set it up appropriately. I will add something for searches / tags in a later release in a few weeks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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