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  • I upgraded to 2.7.1 from a much earlier version, 2.3 or something near that. I used to use LightBox for pic uploads with all the titles appearing in a little red box when you moused over them. The pics were clickable to a larger, more detailed rendering on a new page. Further, I could determine whether the pic appeared alignleft etc. I have a couple of hundred posts, all with pics, all with the LightBox code included with every pic upload.

    Now, after the upgrade I get this code when uploading a pic from the browser:

    id=”attachment_1213″ align=”alignleft”
    width=”106″ caption=”squrill”]<img src=”×160.jpg”
    alt=”squrill” title=”american-squirrel-blog-award-stamp-im”
    width=”106″ height=”160″ class=”size-thumbnail
    wp-image-1213″ />[/caption]

    I have never seen this [caption…] code before. When I add an image to text using the above code and publish all the text changes font and the text does not wrap around the pic or align either right or left. If I delete the [caption] stuff, and add alignleft or right just after atl=” the text font remains stable when I publish and it aligns properly, but the pics still are not clickable and the title appears in a much smaller overlay.

    After installing Lightbox Plus my older pre-upgrade posted images resize, are clickable, but the title field, the little red box, is now empty.

    Please help!

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