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  • I have uploaded many pictures to our sites gallery in the past. Lately though, when I upload new photos, the thumbnails wont show up on the gallery page. They are just blank, but when you click on them, they still go to the full size photo page. I did nothing different with the past photos that the thumbnails work on. I’ve checked to make sure everything is the same and they still don’t work. All I used to have to do was ‘set as featured image’ and the thumbnail would show the picture in the gallery.. ?

    Also I was trying to embed a YouTube video, and the only way it shows up is with the fullsize video, by pasting the link on the page. When I paste the ’embed’ link from youtube (for a diff size) in the html setting it just makes a big blank spot on the page. ? I need the video to be smaller and not take up half of the homepage. is our site

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    I will try these and get back to you. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I should state that I’m not at all very proficient with managing the site or anything computer related in general ha. We have an SEO company that supposedly does the dirty work to keep it going. Although, they want to charge quite a bit for any web development help (help fixing pics and vids). We had a third party build the site and we are not in contact with them anymore.

    I tried deactivating all of the plugins at once, this made the site not work at all. So then I tried deactivating any plugin remotely related to the images with no luck. There were quite a few updates that needed to be done, but that didn’t seem to help either. I deleted any inactive plug-ins that we haven’t used.

    As for switching to the default theme I’m not sure how to go about this. Currently we are using the Apex Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme.

    As for the third option you gave, I tried following the instructions listed but I don’t think I was able to reset the plug-ins folder in the end.

    Possible useful info:
    -There are a total 16 plugins, 15 active. Idk if this is a normal amount.
    -Anytime I’m in the dash board this message appears at the top: “The OptionTree plugin is required for this theme to function properly. Install now.” When I click ‘install now’ it says ‘latest version installed’. ? In the list of plugins, it says this one is up to date.

    I have a feeling my problem is something very simple that I just cant figure out, but it would take someone familiar with this stuff less then a minute to fix.

    Thanks again for your help.



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    Try deactivating all plugins and switching to the Twenty Twelve theme (via Appearance -> Themes) before viewing the site.

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