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  • I’ve spent inordinate ammounts of time working on

    My original idea behind it was to be able to garner contact info for as many of my classmates as possible before our 20 year reunion.

    I’d love to here what you all think about it so far. Here are some particulars:
    It’s running on WP
    The theme I’m using is mainly Rin
    I’ve installed a ton of plugins, mainly with the thought of making it easier for someone who knows nothing about WP or tags or HTML to be able to get on and post if they wanted to.

    I’m not that concerned with validity at this point. I did work it out to where it was valid, but in so doing it threw off IE just a little bit, so I decided to make it unvalid but look good in IE and FireFox.

    Of everything I am MOST proud of the Class Roster. ~175 black and white images… as people register I change the black and white image to a color version.

    Anyway… I’d love a review or two.

    I created a visitor account
    the login is
    the password is

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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