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    I have a plugin on a client’s site that has more functionality than they will ever need. I need to edit it routinely, but should my client poke around they could ruin the operations of their site.

    The plugin has a menu item/page called settings. In settings there are 3 tabs. Two of them I need to hide from them.

    I’d like to hide them based on the role of the current user. So, for example, only me, the super admin, will be able to even see those two tabs.

    Ideally this will be done after a quick edit to the plugin’s files. I’m thinking I just need to surround the HTML that produces these tabs with an if statement that checks the user role. I just need to know what.

    So far my research has led me to current_user_can();

    But it looks like it’s meant for permissions rather than an actual role.

    I believe I need to do something like this:

    if ( current_user_can( ‘Super_Admin’ ) ) {

    Please help in any way you can. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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  • You are right, that function does work on permissions and not roles. That’s because permissions are.. well permissions!

    You need ot figure out what capability you want for that area. There’s a wide range there, and and you can see there’s a lot that are admin-only. Choose an administrator-only capability and set your client up as an editor.

    You can also set up your own roles and capabilities, but this is probably not needed for something like this.

    Thank you, Catacaustic. Your response was very helpful. I will be attempting to implement this pseudo code. Any capability exclusive to the super admin is likely what I’ll use.

    Again I’ll be editing the plugin I’m using directly. I don’t really like doing this though, because if the plugin were to be updated I’d have to re-do my changes.

    Like child-themes, is there a way to safely edit a plugin without worry of having your code overwritten by an update?

    I’d suggest not doing the super-admin thing. Mainly because super-admins are really only set in a multi-site environment. In a standard installation the highest is “Administrator”.

    have a look at this:
    If needed you could always create a new user role for your customer and hide the buttons from him.

    Some other problem I encountered with my customers is that they go and try to edit theme files from editor in the back end. This always messes the theme files up adding blank rows. You can disable this to from the config.php

    Again, thank you for the help. I forgot to mention, I am using a multi-site environment. I’ll open another topic for my other question soon.


    I think it will work with MU to. Try it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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