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  1. jeric2k5
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hello everyone,

    I'm attempting to use Yet Another Photoblog (YAPB), and everything seems to be working, it's just that the thumbnails are not being generated! When I check the YAPB DEBUG it states that "ERROR phpThumb couldn't generate thumbnail." I've been desperately trying to figure out why its not generating it.

    So I checked the phpThumb configuration analyzer and everything seems ok, and the only thing not working is my "cache write test" which states that "write test FAILED". It's weird because it states that my "cache directory" exists, readable, and writable. So i don't understand why it wouldn't work. I even went into my GoDaddy control panel and manually set the directory to be able to read and write.

    Any help with this would be great! I'm using GoDaddy with Windows IIS 7.0 with PHP 5. All my other wordpress stuff and PHP works just fine.

    Here's the link to the full DEBUG from the YAPB: http://www.ericmendes.com/photography/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/YapbThumbnailer.php?post_id=22&w=952&h=225&q=80&zc=1

    And here's the link to the full configuration analyzer: http://www.ericmendes.com/photography/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-photoblog/lib/phpThumb-1.7.9/demo/phpThumb.demo.check.php

    Thanks Again!

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