• Anyone here also use PHPNews?

    I understand that it’s kinda like using two stones to kill one bird.

    I can import the PHPNews articles fine (in just uses a single php include) and the news articles and the blog articles show up fine, but all the links in the side bar show ugly database errors instead of the proper links.

    Anyone here use both programs and know anything about fixing this?


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  • FIXED!

    WordPress is set up with DIVs, basically like so:

    DIV = rap
    DIV = content
    /DIV = content
    DIV = menu
    /DIV = menu
    /DIV = rap

    The above divs are placed via CSS

    Now, I just moved the menu div ABOVE the content div and placed my PHPNews BELOW the content. Still not perfect, but much better looking! Although, someone without CSS will see all the menu stuff first. Can’t be helped and no really big deal.

    see http://weblog.lokrin.net

    I hope this helps some other people.

    I now have my latest WordPress blog entry, my most recent PHPbb forum post and my newest PHPNews article on my websites home page. http://lokrin.net Everything integrates nicely. I used the FIELDSET tag to group things together to make it a bit more readable.

    It’s always nice when software plays together well. =)


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