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  • WordPress uses PHP/mySQL to dynamically create pages while, I think I have this right, MovableType uses Perl to create static pages that get rebuilt only if posts, comments or categories are added. In theory MT should be faster for non-posting users but slower on Admin functions.
    I understand that PHP servers have “dynamic page caching” that can serve cached versions to users (based on a time-interval or content change) that results in faster delivery & lower server load. Can anyone elaborate?
    I’m looking at both WP & MT and am curious about server-load & how fast pages will load on a large database as I’ve seen some very sluggish php/mysql forums. Is there much of a performance difference?
    In addition, WP can do a fast search on the database & quickly return results. How does MT search? Does it search the static pages or have a cgi database that it searches? (I’m probably missing some key concepts here that will clear things up for me).
    Regards, Doug

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    Dynamic pages will always be slower than static pages. However, is it a big enough difference for you to notice? In most cases with WordPress, no. The page generation time for WordPress on modern servers is pretty much in line with the page generation time for Google searches, which I have seen few complaints about.
    WordPress is built from the ground up as a dynamic system, and it is much each to improve the performance of a dynamic system than to attempt to make a static system more dynamic. Every release of WP has been faster than the previous, and that’s not a trend I see changing.

    Not to mention that when you post your 1,000th post, the re-creating of all those static files takes time. With WP, it posts, and that’s that. For me, that is enough. I like having it in the database and dynamic like that.

    Not to mention, I am a guy with normal technical skills. And I could not get MT to work for me at all…

    Not to mention that the whole shooting match needs to be installed in your cgi-bin bringing a whole host of security issues with it.

    if it wasn’t for all my sidebar stuff, almost all of which is a dynamic lookup of WP or Amazon, the main dynamic framing of WP is likely measured in tenths of a second (the end of my homepage posts loop clocks in at .2-.5s generally, with 20 posts per page).
    database queries for sidebars definitely add to the page times, but you’d have that in any case. (well, and the sidebars are dynamic, and I also have randomization stuff in there too…)
    Modern implementations of server systems have started to do some caching. If you knew you had minimal content, you could add a wp-cache system in pretty easily. But, if you have 1000 posts, trying to cache is, well, getting a bit silly. 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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