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  • I’ve tried to export the posts using phpMyAdmin and then import them into a separate blog, but it isnt working. Does anyone have any experience? thank you

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  • Are you trying to migrate just a few posts or all the posts?
    Is the new blog on the same server as the old one?

    its on the same server but in a different directory, and i’m migrating all my posts

    If you just want to install/upgrade WordPress in a different directory, then its easy enough, without exporting/importing.
    Move all your wordpress files to the new directory.
    Log in as admin, go to the “Options” page, and change
    a)smilies_directory in General Blog Settings
    b)siteurl in Base Settings
    to reflect the change in your blog’s base URI.
    mostly from Installation Faq Wiki

    u are exporting posts or the complete WP database?
    coz u need to export and then import the complete WP database. It works fine coz I have personally transfered atleast 5 WP blogs myself with my bare hands… 🙂

    well i figured it out… thanks

    what were u doing wrong!
    coz this information can come handy for future questions similar to urs…

    When I tried 2fargon’s method I couldn’t login at the new url because it kept redirecting to my old url. Because I couldn’t get into the admin pages I had to edit the mySQL dump to change the site url. After that it worked fine.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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