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  • Hello,
    I would like to integrate PHPList into my WP site, but after much searching in PHPList’s foruns it looks like a difficult feat for an amateur. However, someone has already written a plugin that does the integration:
    However the developer stopped at WP 1.5 (the plugin doesn’t work with 1.5.2 or later) and PHPList 2.9.4 (it’s now at 2.10.2, with security updates in between).
    PHPList is quite a nice newsletter manager, lacking only easy integration, it seems. It would be a great addition to WP to be able to integrate it!

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  • I have written a working plugin that works with WP 2.0.x and PHPlist 2.10.x — e.g. latest versions. I’ll be releasing it soon. I’ll post a note here when it’s available.

    I looked at the code for the plugin you mentioned and it was far more complex that it had to be, so adapting it to PHPlist as it changes is tough going. No wonder it won’t work with the latest PHPlist !

    My plugin takes a sort of “don’t care” attitude where it really doesn’t matter what version of PHPlist is running as long as there are two simple tags inside the PHPlist templates (which are there by default in out-of-the-box PHPlist installtions). So in summary, it’s easy to make it work and doesn’t require any modifications to templates in PHPlist or WordPress.

    I’m very interested in your phplist/WP plugin. Let us know if you have a website where we can download it.

    Hi Marke1, I’m also very interested in this—please let us all know! 🙂 I’ve been playing around with PHPList for a week now, and it is very complex (and nearly undocumented) if you want to make any changes. In its standard state, it is pretty straightforward. but try to make a custom template…

    Looking forward to your integration plug-in. Thanks.

    Wow, this would be fantastic. I remember that complicated PHP List plugin and I could never get it to work. There is another WP Mailing List plugin that seems to work OK, but I’m sure it can’t handle the tens of thousands that PHP List can handle. Looking forward to the plugin, thanks.

    Yes, this would be a good plugin. Looking forward to its completion!

    I too am waiting with dreamy eyes and crossed fingers. Um, hopefully that’s encouraging. Go marke1, go!

    Just a gentle ‘bump’ to this thread to encourage marke1, as I too am eagerly awaiting this awesome plugin

    After having waded through other type of subscription plugins, and numerous ‘free’ web-services, phplist seems like the most robust solution out there for a solid mailing list.
    I understand, it can also be set up for auto delivery via a rss feed


    This post on a phplist forum appears to offer a way of some kind of basic integration (which looks fine on the second posters website).

    Though I can’t follow the solution either – can anyone help?

    Ok, it seems like an earlier funkypenguin plugin has been updated and works with the latest phplist

    While still in beta, seems to work.
    Download from (you need to be registered)

    Check the thread for installation

    If you are looking for a lightweight plugin that allows you to drop a basic phplist subscriber form on any page then check out the WordPress PHPList plugin I created.

    Hello from Italy! I tried the Jesse Plugin. But i was not satisfied.

    I think i got the solution: IFRAME


    I made a page called “newsletter” and i put this code inside:
    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="600" scrolling="no" width="450"></iframe>

    I went on Phplist side and made my subscription pages with my WP themes CSS. This fully integrated the form inside my WP site. Even the reply of the form is integrated etc.

    The only thingS i did not integraTe are the pages from PHPlist to update subscriber info.

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