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  • Nice work Tony no bugs to report as of yet or I would of e-mailed you. Question how do I change the color of the acronym highlight from yellow to something else?

    In file is this line:
    // Acronym or just alt-text
    $newtext = str_replace($case_sensitive_search_word,”<span title=\”phpGiggle acronym: ‘$giggle_link’\” style=\”background-color: “.
    “#FFFF00″.”;\”>$case_sensitive_search_word</span>”, $match);
    Change the #FFFF00 to the desired colour.

    this is PC equivalent of dope…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Installed, and seems to be great so far 🙂
    One point …. does each value have to start http:// ?
    I tried adding a link just using www and it failed, so I used the http:// and it was added.

    I’ll make the color of the acronym highlighter a user-defined variable.
    I don’t have the source-code in front of me (I’m at my day job) or I’d tell you the hack to change it..

    Yes, at this point the http:// is required to create a link.

    Only, it’s much cheaper than dope. 🙂

    considering i dont even have access to dope. this is good… 😀
    let’s hope it remains free!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have a friend called Bri. phpGiggle links her name to her site as it should.
    I just wrote the word Bristol on my page, and the Bri part is linked.
    Is there anything that could be added just before, or after an entered word, that would tell phpGiggle not to link it ?
    I doubt this would be a huge problem … and yes I can work around this, but I thought I’d mention it 🙂
    One other thought – there is no login to the admin screen.
    Is the potential for abuse high enough to warrant such ?

    Yeah, the workaround is to put Bristol above Bri in your keyword list. I haven’t coded any mechanism (yet) for phpGiggle to be smart about which words it replaces first, except to place larger words above smaller ones in the keywords file.
    As far as security, I’m about to release phpGiggle-1.2.0, which has password protection.
    Thanks for the feedback. The WordPress Hacks forum users have been instrumental in developing this application.

    I haven’t looked at this, but are you limiting your matches to individual words or are you linking parts of words?

    Not saying YOU didn’t, but all these text-replacement hacks gotta make sure they get the regex right for words, and are HTML aware, so here’s a stab at it:
    preg_replace(“|([\s\>])(“.$KEYWORD.”)([\s\<\.,;:\\/\-])|imsU” , “$1$2$3” , $text);
    of course, that one doesn’t DO anything, you’d have to insert your text between the $1 and the $2 and the $3 😉

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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