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  • A tool to automatically link key words and phrases in blog posts.

    1. Added click-through tracking for dynamically linked words. Summary click-through report of all phpGiggle links has been added to the admin interface.
    2. Enabled strategic message/banner ad placement which is displayed to user upon clicking a phpGiggle link.

    phpGiggle locates user-defined keywords and phrases in an HTML document or string and subsequently replaces the keywords or phrases with anchor tags linking to user-defined URLs. As well, pre-defined ‘template’ anchor tags are included for,,,,, and others. With phpGiggle, anchor tags for an entire website can be contained in a single file, with links being dynamically generated when the HTML is displayed to vistor’s browser.

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  • this is one of my all time favorite hack 🙂

    what?? delete the shameless file?? 🙂

    what! u are running ur adsense on the plugin?

    umm. yeah. am i bad?

    i have yet not tried it. but where exactly are u running adsense? backend console? i wont mind there but could coz problem for u coz my personal blog is banned from google adsense and if i use ur adsense code on my blog, maybe it just might block ur adsense account…
    u should read google’s terms and conditions more carefully… it certainly is not a good idea to have ur adsense running on other people’s servers.

    I just re-read Adsense terms and conditions:
    Don’t see anything but…

    ur adsense mate! i dont lose anything… though i have some problems of my own to fix on reading that page…
    good to have wp. no terms and conditions like that!

    yeah. think i’ll take it out of the distro.
    thanks Sushubh.

    I love phpGiggle….
    I would really love it if I could get it to manage links to books on, I tried to write a function to do it myself, but I would have to rewrite the parser, so I gave up.
    My only major complaint is that phpGiggle matches short words before long words. For example XMLRPC will end up with a link to XML but you can’t link to XMLRPC. I think that the majority of the time, long words should pre-empt short words.

    i would agree long words should take precedence over short words. I thought I had it configured that way. I’ll take another look.

    On my blog with 1.2, short came before long words, if you fixed it in 1.3, then I guess there is a good reason to get out there and upgrade 🙂 So much to do, so little intelligence 🙂

    Had a little bug with
    It’s fixed now – please re-download:

    Is there a plan to make this a plugin for 1.2 and beyond? I have some users that want to install this but I really don’t want to have to enable the my-hacks.php support in 1.2 (want to keep everything up to date).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It is a plugin already ?
    It’s certainly not in my ‘my-hacks’ any more.

    I worked with one WP user whose site performance tanked when phpGiggle was active. I haven’t tried to look through the code, but my guess is on a page with a ton of content (20+ articles, plus comments), it was taking anywhere from 15-20s of processing time. Actually, all inside the_content filter, basically.
    Just FYI.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)
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