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  • Howdy.

    i know a little of php, and i want to make my first plugin for wordpress. but a little help is needed.

    I want a plugin that allows me to change the code of my php during specific posts.

    for example

    i have two adverts on my blog. top banner and bottom banner. one in the header and one in the footer.

    beside each one i have wrote an if statment. that if i have “?top=on&bottom=off” in the URL then it would hide the adverts for that page. however my users have figured that out and add it so that they can turn off the adverts themselfs.

    what i would like to make is when im creating the post/page i can add a code snippet in there such as “[top=off]” and “[bottom=off]” that control the adverts which cant be miniplulated by the end user.

    however im stuck with where to start. does anyone have a plugin allready made that does somthing simlar that i can take apart and learn from it?

    thanks in advance


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  • another thought would be to have it so i can add my own tick boxes in the creat post page that automaticly adds it to the page.

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