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  • I have a problem with the link to the phpbb. Right now i’m using xampp, WP-United is connected and the site integration works fine.
    But the link to the forum goes to localhost/index.php… and the link to the phpBB ACP in the WordPress admin page goes localhost/adm/index.php… instead of localhost/website/forum/index.php… and localhost/website/forum/adm/index.php…

    I did changed the server settings in ACP for domain name to localhost/website
    and script path to /forum

    which fixes the linking problem however…
    the forum takes a while to load (like couple of mins), and also the theme integration doesn’t seem to apply properly, seems like the css isn’t applied

    I can’t seem to find a way to fix it.


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  • Plugin Author jhong



    I’m sorry for the long delay in responding.

    Your domain name should be localhost

    Script path is /website/forum

    See if that helps. After changing, re-connect WP-United.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I changed it, and it’s doing the same thing, long load time and the css doesn’t apply.

    Plugin Author jhong


    I assume now that the links to your forum are OK? Did we fix that problem (we have to fix that first 😉 )

    If so, please could you post the output of the WP-United “Get Help” page.

    Yes, the link works fine now.

    [b]WP-United Version[/b] :
    [b]WordPress Version[/b] : 3.5.1
    [b]PHP Version[/b] : 5.4.7
    [b]WP-United enabled?[/b] : Yes
    [b]WordPress Home URL[/b] : http://localhost/san/
    [b]WordPress Base URL[/b] : http://localhost/san/
    [b]WordPress Plugin URL[/b] : http://localhost/san/it/ised/all/
    [b]phpBB URL[/b] : http://localhost/san/ele/
    [b]Plugin Path[/b] : ments\are\hidden\san\it\ised\all/
    [b]WordPress Path[/b] : ments\are\hidden\san/
    [b]phpBB Path[/b] : ments/are/hidden/san/ele/
    [b]Active plugins[/b] : wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php, wp-pagenavi/wp-pagenavi.php, wp-united/wp-united.php
    [b]Current theme[/b] : Twenty Twelve
    [b]Allocated memory[/b] : 14606.027290448M
    [b]Memory limit[/b] : 256M
    [b]Locale[/b] : en_US
    [b]integrateLogin[/b] : 1
    [b]showHdrFtr[/b] : REV
    [b]wpSimpleHdr[/b] : 0
    [b]dtdSwitch[/b] : 0
    [b]phpbbCensor[/b] : 1
    [b]wpPageName[/b] : index.php
    [b]phpbbPadding[/b] : 0-0-6-0
    [b]xposting[/b] : 1
    [b]phpbbSmilies[/b] : 1
    [b]avatarsync[/b] : 1
    [b]integcreatewp[/b] : 1
    [b]integcreatephpbb[/b] : 0
    [b]xpostautolink[/b] : 1
    [b]xpostspam[/b] : all
    [b]xpostforce[/b] : -1
    [b]xposttype[/b] : fullpost
    [b]xpostprefix[/b] :
    [b]cssMagic[/b] : 1
    [b]templateVoodoo[/b] : 1
    [b]useForumPage[/b] : 1
    [b]wpuxpostcomments[/b] : 0

    So, I moved it onto a live server, and it works fine.

    Just one question, I want to know where #wpuwrap is located? I cant seem to find it.


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